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Inventory Control Features

  • Accepts price updates from the industry services
  • Provides inventory control and status information for shop inventory, tools and equipment inventory, job site inventories, and truck inventories
  • Provides management with timely information of items that should be reordered to avoid, or minimize, stock outs
  • Provides complete and accurate materials, tools, and equipment costs, as issued from stock, to the Job Cost Control System
  • Reduces the clerical effort required to maintain a perpetual inventory control system
  • Reduces the opportunities for clerical errors in the inventory reporting process
  • Updates Job Cost Control system automatically through issues from inventory
  • Utilizes the DCI EDP numbering system for all product identification
  • Transfers inventory item from Shop Materials Inventory or Tools and Equipment Inventory to Job Inventories or Truck Inventories
  • Automatically interfaces with General Ledger, Purchasing, and Billing Systems

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"Inventory Control" is part of the SI Fire line of products, developed by SI Systems.

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