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Speed in the Scheduling and Execution of Picking Orders

Many times, the speedy and correct scheduling and execution of picking orders is hindered if you work with paper lists. Within SI Foodware Fresh Produce, these processes are fully automated, using an integrated RF scanning solution. Two simple scheduling screens complete this strong solution. SI Foodware Fresh Produceg also offers the possibility of real-time stock inventory with scanners (for example with Cycle counting). At any moment of the day, you can perform the inventory without having to stop the daily activities.

Warehouse Activities Overview Screen and Workload Screen for Planners

After a salesperson releases an order, it will automatically appear on the shop floor in the Warehouse Activities Overview screen for the planners. With the Workload screen, the planner can see the order picker that is available and use the Warehouse Activities Overview screen to send the order to the hand-held scanner of the picker. The picker can see the products that he has to pick and their location. At the picking location, he scans the desired products to a carrier, registering the picking order. He then takes the carriers to the shipping location and scans the order to the shipping location. At the shipping location, the order is given a SSCC label or shipping label.

Optimisation of Your Picking Process, Thanks to RF Scanning

With the integrated RF scanning solution, you register who packed the items and at what time. This way, you can check the order and timeliness of the process. You can see where errors arose and who is responsible. This enables you to train your employees better and improve your processes.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Warehouse Management:

"Warehouse Management" is part of the SI Foodware Fruits and Vegetables line of products, developed by SI Foodware.

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