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Reliability and Speed Through Insight into and Grip on Stock Availability

To be able to sell quickly and efficiently, two issues are important to your business:

  • Making and recording agreements with your customers on matters such as EDI, invoicing, varying price units (per unit or kilogram), qualities, packaging, bonuses and SSCC labels are essential.
  • Your sales staff needs to have an insight into and grip on stock availability to be able to comply with the agreements made and to respond to exceptions.

SI Foodware Fresh Produce is fully aimed at the Fruit & Vegetables industry and has an exceptionally extensive set of sales possibilities that support the issues mentioned above. It enables you to act quicker and better, as a result of which volumes and margins will increase.

Stock Availability

Insight into stock availability is crucial in the Fruit & Vegetables industry. SI Foodware Fresh Produce gives information on stock availability that is accurate to the minute.

  • It is possible to enter a deadline for each process within your company. Examples hereof are the delivery deadlines per customer, the deadline for picking the finished products, the finale date the production must be finished and the deadline for the production picking process.
  • With insight into stock availability, specific customer requirements such as required certificates, MRL values, required pallet type, stacking height and the exclusion of certain growers can be taken into account.
  • SI Foodware Fresh Produce gives information on incoming sea containers and planeloads (airway bill).

Stock Availability Screen

The Stock Availability Screen (SAS) is the cockpit for your sales staff. It is developed to increase the speed at which they can sell without affecting the quality of the delivery. The SSS offers proposals for sales prices and information on current price agreements, prices offered and historical sales prices.

Insight Into and Control Over Conflicts

Schouw Informatisering has developed a Conflicts Screen for SI Foodware Fresh Produce which provides information on the differences between supply and demand and the possibility to easily remedy them. The Conflicts Screen is a crucial part of a flexible reservation system: receipts that vary in terms of location, time and/or quality are permitted without blocking the (logistics) processes.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Sales:

"Sales" is part of the SI Foodware Fruits and Vegetables line of products, developed by SI Foodware.

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