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Simply Comply with the Requirements of Your Customer and the Government

As Fruit & Vegetables company, you are faced with the tight schedules and deadlines of your customers, because you work with fresh produce. Furthermore, there are strict statutory provisions (including General Food Law and HACCP) you have to comply with. To be able to work quickly, accurately and efficiently, the quality-related issues are supported in the quality module of SI Foodware Fresh Produce.

Speedy Complaints Handling

Complaints of suppliers and customers can be managed in the complaints module of SI Foodware Fresh Produce. All reports are automatically forwarded to the correct person, so that immediate action can be taken. In the event of a recall, the remaining lots of the product in question can quickly be blocked and the Track & Trace procedure will start. With SI Foodware Fresh Produce, you can trace products both back in time and forward, after which you can inform the customers and suppliers in question. Issues can be explained and resolved immediately, which will protect your image and business operations.

Product Specifications

Once the specifications of the raw materials have been entered, SI Foodware Fresh Produce automatically calculates the product specifications. This avoids errors and saves you a lot of work. The corresponding labels, including allergen and ingredient declarations for the packaging are automatically generated.

Registration and Compliance with Certificates

Central registration of the different certificates and the corresponding products, suppliers and customers is easily brought about in SI Foodware Fresh Produce. Maximum residue values (crop protection) per item or consignment are also centrally recorded in SI Foodware Fresh Produce. For each supplier, you can specify the products for which it is certified (such as products with the EKO, BIO and BRC mark). Next, this value is taken over per lot on receipt (depending on the validity period of the certificate). This can be adjusted per lot, where necessary. It is possible to indicate per client the products that require certified lots. In the sales process, the non-certified lots are excluded.

Allocation of Quality Codes Per Lot

SI Foodware Fresh Produce takes into account the quality requirements of your customers. The desired quality per lot can be recorded for each customer, summarizing the quality (for instance based on size, maturity, etc.) in one quality code using, for instance, the numbers from 1 to 10. Per customer, a minimum and maximum value can be entered. Lots with a different quality code than the desired quality can be sold, but are given another colour in the Stock Availability Screen.

Certifications and Customer Requirements in Production Orders

Certifications and customer requirements also apply if products are repacked. In the event of customer-specific production, the possibility exists to enter production commands based on sales order lines. Customer-specific requirements with regard to certification, residue and quality codes are taken into account in the production command and used in the allocation of the lots of raw materials. In the event of production without a specific customer demand, the production lot inherits the characteristics mentioned above based on the (other) lots of raw materials that are used.

Other Applications

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"Quality" is part of the SI Foodware Fruits and Vegetables line of products, developed by SI Foodware.

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