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Extremely Complete and User-Friendly for the Fruit & Vegetables Industry

SI Foodware Fresh Produce offers extensive possibilities to manage and support the production and all production-related processes, with an emphasis on ease of use and completeness. SI Foodware Fresh Produce gives you direct insight into the progress of unfilled orders and their status. In one general view, you can see the order status, how much has already been produced for an order and how much still has to be produced.


The production process starts with the planning of the sorting and packing orders. SI Foodware Fresh Produce is linked to the planning tool Preactor. This application allows you to schedule your production orders at a daily and even hourly level. Production orders can be planned over the production lines in different ways: they can be scheduled automatically based on specified capacities or based on a preferred sequence to be specified taking into account the date on which the orders must be dispatched.

Manufacturing Based on Suppliers’ Certifications and Customer Requirements

In the packing process, the consignments and packing materials needed, are managed automatically. This can be done based on suppliers’ certificates and customer requirements.

Production Registration

With simple Operations Control screens (registration at the production line) and RF scanners, you can quickly register the use, output, employee and machine hours and breakdowns. As a result, the actual production costs are registered per consignment. In the event of commission business, it can be recorded per type of production costs whether the actual or standard production costs are settled with the supplier.

Registration at the line enables the registration of the characteristics of the materials used. This way it is possible, for instance, to record that the quality of certain raw materials is different. It is also possible to record that the product is not fit for use, for instance because of its inferior quality.


The grading commands in SI Foodware Fresh Produce allow you to sort products according to quality, for instance, or size. With the Operations Control screens, you can easily register the input of the bulk consignment, the result of the grading command and the hours worked.

Other Applications

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"Manufacturing" is part of the SI Foodware Fruits and Vegetables line of products, developed by SI Foodware.

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