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Follow Logistics and Financial Transactions of Items at Consignment Level Including Documents

SI Foodware Fresh Produce takes into account different settlement methods, such as fixed price, commission, joint account or minimum guarantee. Furthermore, you can follow the logistics and financial transactions of items at consignment, supplier, consignment contract, lot, item attribute or customer level. Since the consignment administration is fully integrated with the financial administration, time is saved in processes such as the preparation of invoices and the monthly reconciliation of consignment results with periodic results in the general ledger.

Consignment Contracts

In consignment contracts with growers, data are recorded including terms and conditions, products and cost determination factors. Within SI Foodware Fresh Produce, cost determination factors are defined based on item surcharges. Examples of these factors are costs for receipt at (air)ports, cooling costs (periodic and per location), transport costs, handling costs (per location), incidental costs such as inspections or costs for commissioners.

Consignment Card and Consignment Status

With the consignment card, information can be obtained at all times about the status of the consignment. Is there any stock? Which costs have been allocated to the consignment? With the consignment card, all these questions can be answered real time. The consignment status reports give insight into all consignment transactions that have been entered. Questions that can normally only be answered at company level (general ledger) can now be answered at consignment and even lot level:

  • What purchase costs were budgeted and what has been invoiced in the end?
  • Who are the customers to whom the goods have been sold and at what market prices were they sold??
  • How much bonus has been accrued and what invoice discount has been granted?
  • What amount has been included in the sales prices to cover the costs of outgoing transport and what amount has been invoiced in the end by the carrier?
  • Sales report and Account sale

After the sale of the consignment is complete, the value booked out will be settled with the supplier in SI Foodware Fresh Produce. Based on the linked transactions, the software calculates the number and price to be booked out. The sales staff is alerted to incomplete transactions, such as outstanding complaints. In the recommended book-out price and book-out number, issues such as goods returned, negative corrections, manufacturing activities (grading and repacking orders), grade out, catch weight, sales coverage, discounts and claims are taken into account. Sales report at pool and stage level is optional.

SI Foodware Fresh Produce supports the detailed sales report of values based on sales order lines. During the sales report process, the consignment result is updated in real time. The system shows the average result for the last purchase consignments to ensure that issues such as a minimum guarantee agreement or an internal target with regard to the average consignment result to be achieved are complied with in the medium to long term. After the sales report, the costs entered can be checked and adjusted in the Account Sale. Changing the costs that are passed on to the customer affects the expected consignment result. Simultaneously with the sales report, the impact of cost adjustments on the consignment result is immediately clear to the purchaser.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Consignment Management :

"Consignment Management " is part of the SI Foodware Fruits and Vegetables line of products, developed by SI Foodware.

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