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SI Foodware Fruits and Vegetables

A fresh produce specific ERP program.
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SI Foodware Fruits and Vegetables is a fresh produce specific software package based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Consignment management is the heart of this solution. For all processes within the supply chain, from import, logistics, manufacturing up to delivery, costs can be accounted to a specific consignment. The Business Intelligence Consignment module provides insight in costs and processes so that you are in complete control of balancing supply and demand.

Balancing Supply and Demand

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV add-on: 100% fresh produce
  • Consignment Management as the heart of the solution
  • User association plays big role in development
  • 1700 users on a daily basis at 70 customers
  • Real-time inventory insights
  • Available wordwide through partner network

Popular Functionality Modules

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Complete Functionality Module List

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