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SI Foodware

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Companies operating in the food industry are dealing with constantly changing requirements imposed by clients and suppliers such as tighter margins due to price changes. And then there also is the new and ever changing legislation to comply with. Food companies are expected to go along with all these changes. Just consider the consequences of the general Food Law or FDA. All these factors make it important for companies in the food industry to cut costs and improve efficiency. A keen insight in their own organization is therefore very important. To achieve this Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is essential for companies in the food industry. Due to the special requirements of the food Industry, standard ERP solutions often do not fit their needs. SI Foodware forms a complete solution together with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX. This combination covers all functionality food companies need.

Experience and Knowledge

Microsoft Dynamics ERP in combination with SI Foodware has already been successfully implemented at many Food companies. These implementations have provided their partners with a wealth of experience resulting in specific functionality for the food industry. And also, as SI Foodware is based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX, users benefit from the investment in development by this technology leader Microsoft. SI Foodware is seamlessly integrated with Dynamics NAV and AX.


Working with SI Foodware will improve efficiency. All SI Foodware functionality is integrated into a single application, which gives better insight into the processes, so that it is ensured they flow together properly. It also creates transparency throughout the organization. With SI Foodware and Microsoft Dynamics® ERP employees will be able to retrieve and share information faster with others.

A significant advantage of SI Foodware is the continuous development of the solution. New functionality is designed to meet new requirements due to changing legislation. This way the solution is always up to date.

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