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Shining Brow Software

A developer of business management software.

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Shining Brow Software is a leading developer of service management and customer relationship software solutions for field service industries. Shining Brow’s Service Manager software gives service organizations unprecedented control of operations and helps effectively manage installations, service, and maintenance programs.

The software automates business processes including tracking customer information, scheduling and dispatching, service history management, cost tracking, estimating and quoting, service agreement administration, invoicing, reporting and more.

Special Industry editions are designed to help service organizations in IT, telecommunications, medical equipment, manufacturing, building maintenance services, interior and exterior landscape contracting, and others.

The Service Manager can be run stand-alone or integrated with one of five marketing leading accounting/ERP systems including Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Office Accounting, and others. Integration to best-of-breed accounting systems significantly reduces the overall solution cost while customers benefit from the deepest accounting functionality available. Shining Brow is a Microsoft Certified Partner.

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