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GlobaFILE is a normalized relational database, storing all data for individuals, organizations, and other contacts, regardless of the particular relationship with your organization.


  • Complete report generator - no need for third-party report writer.
  • One-time data entry for any record.
  • General demographic data storage: personal information, specific organization information, organization structure.
  • Unlimited user-defined salutations, family relationships, phone types (voice, fax, pager, cellular), address types (residence, vacation, student, email).
  • File association for each record using UNC file name convention - word processing (.doc, .txt, etc.), spreadsheets (.xls), images (.bmp, .gif, etc.).
  • Unlimited dated and profiled comments, with multiple security levels.
  • Custom data: up to 8 separate tabs/screens of customized information designed for activities/needs specific to your congregation.
  • Austerity in system design: absence of redundant routines.


  • Eliminates keying duplicate information: one record for each contact, regardless of the particular role - member, employee, vendor, parent, teacher.
  • Manages total reporting process - selecting, sorting, printing, macros.
  • Streamlines communication - multiple phones, fax, email, addresses.
  • Provides unprecedented ministry support with custom information tabs - user designs entire tab, specifying number and types of fields to support specific activities.
  • Assures confidentiality in using comments for counseling as well as general data tracking.
  • Gives quick access to files useful to individuals and groups: minutes to committee secretary, certification with employees/lay leaders, press releases with business administrator.
  • Gives user control on greetings appropriate for targeted group.
  • Processes rapidly; programs use indexing extensively, and data takes up relatively small amount of space.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with GlobaFILE:

"GlobaFILE" is part of the Shelby2000 - Church Management Software line of products, developed by Shelby Systems.