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The Fixed Assets module manages physical assets of your organization by tracking items as well as noting depreciations.


  • Data tracked: location, class, vendor and purchase order number, serial number as well as the accounts associated with the asset
  • Asset accumulated depreciation and expense department account number
  • Extensive comment space
  • Information for replacement costs and projected replacement date
  • Warranty and contract information
  • Transfer data, from tag or company
  • Types of depreciation: All current and prior supported (allowable methods based on capitalized date).

Pre 1981 - Straight Line, Double declining, 150% Declining, and Sum of the Years Digits.

1981-1986 - ACRS

Post 1986 - MACRS

Can record depreciation for both Book (interface with G/L) and Tax (for reporting only). Depreciation calculation upon entry of asset.


  • Provides accurate way to manage long-range planning
  • Assures that depreciations are managed to fit your organization’s tracking methods
  • Validates information supplied to banks, lending institutions, business organizations
  • Forces user to pick only a depreciation method applicable to capitalized date
  • Corrects errors: if prior calculations were wrong at time of entry, user can override but system will bring into balance when first depreciation calculation is run.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Fixed Assets:

"Fixed Assets" is part of the Shelby2000 - Church Management Software line of products, developed by Shelby Systems.