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Shelby Systems

A developer of business management software.

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In business since 1976, Shelby Systems is among the oldest and most respected companies providing software to churches and denominational offices. Thousands of users are supported all over the country and around the world.

As a pioneer in the field of software, Ernest O. Hamilton developed a strong background in fund accounting while establishing the data processing center at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, Texas, in the late 1960s. In 1976 Mr. Hamilton left the Seminary to begin Shelby Systems. He remained active in the company, as President, until his death in 1998. Today the business is in the capable hands of Frank Canady, the original author of the original software.

Shelby Church System actually fulfilled an Ernie Hamilton dream. He envisioned giving the same kind of management capability to churches that businesses enjoyed. Seeing the computer as a new tool for enhanced ministry, he designed computer software for more efficient and more accurate financial operations. Member and prospect tracking became more than simply contributions and Sunday School records. With the knowledge of the abilities and needs of their congregations, churches more readily defined and refined their ministering activities through the use of Shelby programs.

Although the company began as a one-man, basement operation, Shelby now has over 80 employees. On the staff are programmers, customer support personnel, trainers and a marketing department with the bulk of employees directly supporting the customers. Company philosophy centers on assuring users of quality service and customer satisfaction after their purchase. This assurance includes telephone access to support personnel, as well as providing software enhancements, newsletters, and regional user group meetings, and internet accessible resources.

Perhaps the best way to know Shelby as a company is through the words and feelings of its many users. Over the years the company has been characterized by consistently available accessible support and responsiveness to customer needs. Training non-technical staff to use their computers as efficient tools is a Shelby trademark. Listening to suggestions by users and incorporating the suggestions into enhancements continues to improve the programs every year.

Users requested that Shelby extend its offerings. Churches within denominations saw what the membership and fund accounting programs did for their congregations. The natural outgrowth has been to provide software for the denominational office—district, presbytery, synod, conference, jurisdiction, association, diocese.

In an age that has seen the life of software companies average under two years, Shelby Systems is a great grandfather and a pioneer.

For twenty-five years this company has provided quality software.

For twenty-five years this company has provided continuous support for its

For twenty-five years growth has been the trend, not an accident.

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