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Service Pro International

A developer of business management software.

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Service Pro was created with the goal of streamlining and reducing the costs of operating a busy service-oriented business.

CPS, Incorporated, the makers of Service Pro have been in the business of providing technology solutions to businesses of all sizes since 1983, a remarkable achievement in the filed of technology providers. Located in New Jersey, the company sells throughout the world through over 300 Business Partners.

Designed by executive business people with years of practical experience in management and process flows, the Service Pro product line exhibits fine attention to the details that normally are overlooked by everyone except the people who perform services for durable goods and equipment.

The core product, referred to as “Service Pro Standard” sets the standard to which many businesses aspire to obtain that elusive goal of “Superior Customer Service“ that distinguishes the best from the rest of the competition.

There are 4 basic configurations or ”Editions“ of the product: Service Pro Standard with (5) users, the Small Business Edition with (3) users and the Service Pro Gold with (40) users. Additional concurrent users can be added to any edition at any time.

The highly scalable ”core“ product addresses all the critical needs of most service companies/departments but the product line is augmented by ”Specialty Solutions“ which are add-on’s to Service Pro Standard and address more specific needs such as Engineering Change Notices, Mobile Commerce, and Workflow Management.

Innovative service companies recognize that in today’s business climate they must provide real value and stellar service to their customers. Customer are much more demanding and sophisticated and require more and more information from their service vendors.

Price is just one of several components buyers of service look at. Service Pro provides its users with the ability of meeting the demands of more discriminating customers. Making its users more pro active dramatically improves the over-all image of the user and helps maintain those hard-fought sales.

There is no better or more economical package on the market today that can take a service company from confusion to vision.

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