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ServicePRO Workbench

As a rich Internet application (RIA), ServicePRO® is designed to deliver the same features and functions normally associated with desktop applications.

However, it does so while running 100% in a browser!

For example, ServicePRO® supports cutting and pasting directly into memo fields (because it runs on a browser in a secure environment), drag & drop functionality (great for visually interactive form designer), a more interactive and enhanced user experience like multiple open windows, responsive grid views, and more.

Self Service Portal

Your service desk may not be staffed around the clock but your ServicePRO self-service portal is always ‘open for business’.

ServicePRO self-service portal empowers your users to:

  • Find out answers to their questions even before they reach your service desk,
  • Log requests that they cannot resolve by themselves,
  • Check up on the progress for their requests,
  • Be informed about your service desk

Custom Service Requests

The benefit of custom objects is that they contain information that is precisely tailored to your needs. When you design custom objects, you are creating templates for these objects, and specifying how they will be used and behave in the future – what data they will contain, and how it will be organized and presented.

Custom objects help insure that required data is properly collected, and enhance database integrity.

Clients often begin using custom data in service requests. However, most ServicePRO object type can be customized. Common examples of objects that are often customized include users, clients, assets, and more.

Custom (user-defined) fields are useful in many situations. For example:

  • Specifying requirements for setting up new employees
  • Designating senior employees as VIP’s so their requests ‘jump the queue’
  • Entering information that is unique to some objects, like network servers
  • Collecting additional information that can help to solve a class of problems, like custom software

When you create custom request types you can:

  • Create ‘specialized’ objects like bug requests, printer error requests, benefits inquiry request, etc.
  • Add custom fields grouped in tabs
  • Reference other fields from other tables
  • Design the ‘look and feel’ of the screen
  • Search on user-defined data
  • Create charts and report that include user-defined data.

Service Request Templates

In many Helpdesk and business situations, we encounter commonly occurring tasks that are repeated over and over and over… password resets, slow network, paralyzed printers, network connections, bugs, etc.

Quick Request templates are great productivity boosters for increasing speed, reducing error rates, promoting consistency, and insuring that all the information required to act on commonly occurring tasks is provided without requiring back and forth communication between end users and helpdesk staff.

Service Routing Automation

You can designate certain email accounts for inbound emails that ServicePRO monitors then processes incoming emails according to rules you specify.

Inbound email rules save you time and money through :

  • Automatic triaging
  • Automatic routing
  • Automatic notification of all stakeholders
  • Virtual elimination of human error
  • Ultra efficient request processing

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Service Requests:

"Service Requests" is part of the ServicePRO Enterprise Work Management line of products, developed by Service Pro Solutions.