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RBAC answers questions like “which service requests show up in Leah’s workspace?”, “Can Jeremy dispatch a complaint request from the MRI Imaging dispatch queue folder?”, or “Can VP’s from our North American Truck Division run reports on the European Piano Division?”

RBAC supports groupings that make it both easier to manage the security database, and enhance integrity. Namely:

  • People can be assigned to Teams
  • Privileges can be assigned to Roles
  • Teams can be assigned to Roles

Without groupings, security management would become an unmanageable, unreliable nightmare in short order. In a situation where there are 1000 users, 100 folder hierarchies, and 30 privileges, we would have 3,000,000 entries to maintain.

With groupings, we simply define roles (collection of privileges) and teams (collection of users), and give them access over departments (or folder subtrees).

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Role-Based Access Control:

"Role-Based Access Control" is part of the ServicePRO Enterprise Work Management line of products, developed by Service Pro Solutions.