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Collaborative Apps

ServicePRO® includes a number of social tools that incorporate directly into the service infrastructure. These tools enable linking of collaboration and communication activities to specific projects, tasks, or calendar items.

Document Management

Document management functions enable us to capture, index, store, manage, search and retrieve documents across the enterprise. It does so while adhering to the security structure that has been set up by the administrator. Documents consist of electronic files like images, spreadsheets, office documents, PDF’s, graphics, emails, drawings, and more.

Many of the standard format documents can be previewed right from within ServicePRO. Examples include Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF’s, PNG image files and more.

Calendar & Synchronization

ServicePRO’s integrated calendars are great for synchronizing and coordinating tasks, and documenting decisions and action plans taken.

They provide greater functionality than Microsoft Outlook because calendar entries are attached to service requests or projects, and are not cluttered with extraneous or confidential data.

Since we don’t expect that you give up Outlook we provide a complete two-way synchronization functionality between Outlook and ServicePRO. (Not that you couldn’t give up Outlook, you could! ServicePRO’s functionality is that comprehensive…)

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Collaborative Workflow:

"Collaborative Workflow" is part of the ServicePRO Enterprise Work Management line of products, developed by Service Pro Solutions.