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Asset and configuration management can be a powerful step in ensuring proper control of IT resources and in helping organizations optimize the management of IT. ServicePRO® supports Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) processes for best practice service management, including Configuration and Asset Management.

ServicePRO® begins even earlier, at the purchase requisition and approval stage. Utilizing a repeatable process for acquisition management promotes governance and reduces long term costs by standardizing around tried-and-true products and vendors. It also helps in making sure that resources are effectively utilized and budgets are adhered to. A typical purchase process is presented below.

When it comes to Configuration and Asset Management, ServicePRO® can be used to manage IT assets and license compliance for all hardware, applications, and users in the organization. ServicePRO® makes it easy for organizations to add new assets into its configuration database. In addition, IT can use ServicePRO® to easily locate and manage assets, including viewing available inventory, re-allocating assets, and de-activating assets no longer in use. Organizations can also ensure software updates and security patches are in place and can manage and audit software licenses on computers on the company network to ensure they are compliant with important software licensing agreements.

Considering the fact that 60 percent of IT service impacts are due to configuration problems, ServicePRO® Configuration and Asset Management minimizes issues so local and global organizations can keep their IT lifeblood pumping. That makes good business sense.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Assets and Configurations:

"Assets and Configurations" is part of the ServicePRO Enterprise Work Management line of products, developed by Service Pro Solutions.