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To eliminate headaches in calculating and tracking Vendor Rebates, use the Vendor Rebate Manager software provided by Seradex ERP. It is an add-on module that integrates with Seradex ERP at Purchase Order and Payment processing.

Many of the top manufacturers offer rebates that help their customers maximize profits while attracting new business. These supplier programs reward customers who achieve volume and behavioral goals, often through quarterly rebate incentives. Organizations like Parker Hannifin as well as others use this as standard practice.

Administering and tracking these Vendor Rebate programs is time consuming and error prone.

Seradex simplifies the often-tedious task of handling vendor rebates by completely automating the process. Each step, from negotiation to receipt and beyond is recorded, in real-time, and reflected in your General Ledger and price schedules. This way, you never lose track of a rebate you earned. Invoice and pricing errors can generate a massive amount of paperwork resulting in hours of rework and a significant impact to the bottom line. Seradex provides customers with an efficient, paperless solution for price management. As rebate programs and contracts vary significantly from one firm to the next, and even from contract to contract, Seradex provides support for complex processes and can quickly accommodate updates and new information.

Seradex can streamline and automate the discount management process, enabling you to manage and track the individual promotional programs and assure that rebate forms are submitted on time, taking full advantage of available discounts by ordering additional inventories before promotions expire. The system is used in conjunction with the Event Alert Module that can monitor inventory and production schedules. The Event alert will remind staff when rebate deadlines are nearing and notify buyers to purchase additional inventory before rebates end, and alerts managers when submissions are falling behind schedule.