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Shop Floor Tracking Module collects data for costing, scheduling, updates, inventory movement, lot/serial tracking and payroll. Seradex Floor Tracking provides interactive tools for controlling production activity. This module helps you plan capacity, perform dispatching, track order status and costs, follow-up on material shortages and generate shop paperwork. All data is manually entered via keyboard.

Shop Floor Tracking Features

  • Real time updates to the Scheduling module
  • Collect time and attendance information: include hours worked, sick and vacation time, overtime
  • Create time sheet batches for popular payroll and bank software to update payroll system (once approved by the shop manager)
  • Track labour costs against shop orders
  • Tracks bill of materials used for each shop order to compare against estimates, bills of material and to supply costing information
  • Track rework and scrap costs by reasons and operation
  • Collecting lot and serial number information on finished goods and components for traceability purposes
  • Track down time and down time reason codes

Shop Floor Tracker and Data Collection

Barcode Data Collection and Manufacturing Execution Software (MES) is a growing trend at manufacturing companies. Manufacturers are being driven to deliver higher quality products in shorter periods of time. To remain competitive in this fast-paced business environment, you need to generate higher productivity from existing resources. The confusion on the shop floor is not the result of a lack of effort. It takes production control personnel and supervisors many hours each day to research the current status of all of the jobs on the floor and develop a work schedule.

Seradex offers the simplest, easiest-to-use manufacturing Barcode solutions in the industry. We offer a wide selection of quality products for creating, printing, and using Bar codes. The use of bar coding in Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) is growing dramatically. Barcodes provide fast, easy, and accurate method of data entry. The correct use of Barcodes decreases employee time required and increase an organization’s efficiency.

  • Track Operator Productivity
  • Track Work Center Productivity
  • Track Scrap and Down Code Reasons to drive lean manufacturing practices
  • Real Time Order Status and Costs
  • Monitor variance to standard labor times
  • Track Setup and Run Times separately
  • Integrates to Seradex Production Scheduling Module