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This module processes service calls, parts, labor, quotes, warranty, purchase orders, work orders, repair scheduling, manufacturer charge-backs and customer billing. And best of all this is done in a completely integrated system in real time.

Open service calls can be accessed instantly by customer name, phone number or ticket number. Once the call is displayed, all relevant information pertaining to the issue is displayed. Any activity on the service order is time/date stamped and fully audited for management control.

Overall, the system is very easy to use. Staff may be manually assigned individually to service tickets or you can automate this! At the end of each day, the system can automatically schedule tickets by priority, route or request date. This maximizes the use of your staff and increases the number of customers that can be serviced daily.

Automatic reminders alert service representatives when customer and follow-up goodwill calls are due. Representatives will know immediately when a customer’s part has arrived, a service date has been set, or the order has been completed. The system ensures that all your customers receive the optimum service levels.

Seradex Service Module

  • Automatically manage follow-up calls and scheduling
  • Automatic warranty billing to correct parties, such as, vendor, customer or extended warranty provider
  • Quality assurance and analysis reporting by product, issue type, vendor or technician
  • Customers can log issues and track issue status over the web
  • Issue and manage RMA no’s
  • Link associated tickets
  • Attach electronic documents to the Service Ticket
  • Link a service ticket to a Bill To and/or Site
  • Create Work Flows by Incident Type
  • Link a Service Ticket to a Bill To and/or Site
  • Search and attach a Service Ticket to a product and optionally a serial number
  • Create Service Contracts and associate a Service Ticket to a contract