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Sales commission programs exist in every shape and size. These programs tend to vary significantly from industry to industry, and many times within companies in an industry. Sales commission programs tend to be different by employees even within a single firm. Variations can include the kind of performance being incented (Revenue vs Margins), the frequency of calculation (Monthly vs Quarterly), the type of transactions being incented (Sales orders vs Invoices vs Payments), the level of salespeople being incented (Salesrep vs Sales Manager), whether Draw or Cap is being used, and so on.

Seradex ERP has a flexible Sales Commissions software tool with the Advanced Commission Tracking module. It is an add-on module that integrates with Seradex ERP at Sales Order and Invoice processing.

Sales compensation programs differ by company. However, all sales compensation and incentive programs have one thing in common: Effective administration requires time and money. We can help reduce your administrative costs and still enable you to provide reliable and accurate information to your sales force and sales management

Many manufacturing companies have commission plans for sales employees, dealers, distributors, contractors and other sales agents. Tracking, calculating, controlling and administering commissions is time consuming and error prone. Over and under payments often occur leading to sales force friction and reduced moral.

  • Create customized sales compensation plans that keep your top producers happy without jeopardizing your profitability
  • Define sales commissions rules for sales staff, reps or distributors
  • Set up commissions by customer, part, market, margin, commodity, or groups
  • Enables commission splits for up to 5 people for each Sales Order
  • Easily update sales incentive rules for all personnel
  • Decrease sales force turnover
  • Enforce a common approach to administering your compensation programs
  • Create payroll batches for sales employees
  • Create Accounts Payable batches for non employees
  • Use custom formulas to create commissions based on user-defined rules to handle any combination of customers, prices, margins or discounts or currency
  • Ensure credit notes result in commission claw backs.
  • Enforces commission adjustment if the original order is changed
  • Handle multiple currencies
  • Select specific items or charges to exclude from commissions - i.e. freight o taxes