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Seradex Finite Scheduling software module is a powerful advanced planning and scheduling (APS) system that enables you to quote, measure and attain accurate delivery dates. The Production Scheduling module makes just-in-time (JIT) and Lean scheduling possible for all companies. Whether you have products that are make to order or make to stock or both Seradex can manage your delivery promises.

How long will the schedule last before a rush order appears, re-work is required, operators report sick, a machine breaks down, or demand does not match the forecast? We know your scheduler spends endless hours re-assigning work, changing priorities to meet promised delivery dates.

The Production Scheduling Module is an easy-to-use, finite capacity scheduler. It has the capability and the advanced technology to generate highly optimized and feasible schedules for your manufacturing process. You can easily determine the most optimal solution by quickly running “what-if” scenarios.

Seradex will only schedule production when resources are available. Materials are ordered only when they are needed. Inventory levels fall and bottleneck resources are not overloaded. Work in progress remains at a relatively constant level, lead times are more predictable and delivery dates are more reliable. Management spends less time fire fighting and can balance fluctuating demand, with available capacity.

Production Scheduling Features

  • Finite Scheduling
  • Schedules both Forward and Backward
  • Priority Levels from 1 - 9
  • Schedule departments, cells, equipment, tools and labor
  • Handles Setup and Run Times
  • Integrated to Electronic Kanban for Pull Scheduling
  • Alternate work center and routing features
  • Powerful operation pre-requisite and overlap selections
  • Identify and Manage Bottlenecks
  • Schedules around constraints of material on hand, material on PO as well as labor
  • Supports Drum-Buffer-Rope and Theory of Constraints (TOC)
  • Schedules Shop Floor to the minute
  • On completion of scheduling alogrithym the shop schedule is exported to Microsoft Project
  • Factory and Work Center Calendars
  • Real time on line job status with color coded Schedule Viewer
  • Powerful “What if” Simulation. Adjust overtime or sub-contract and see late jobs come in on-time.