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The Execution Manager module in Seradex ERP is designed to assign and track prioritized goals to every department in your manufacturing company including: Accounting, Customer Service, Marketing, Sales, Purchasing, Engineering, Research or Information Systems.

As a company leader, being informed, being organized, being able to respond quickly and track other people’s follow through is critical to your ongoing success. Is everyone in the company working towards strategic goals like responding to customer issues quickly enough?

Many organizations spend a large amount of time on collaboration issues like communicating, coordinating, scheduling, tracking and managing who is doing what and by when. Studies show (and Dilbert illustrates) that the time spent planning and controlling can easily exceed the time spent on execution. Managers are drowning in the details.

Organizations have tried many software packages to help manage their companies. These typically include email, project management software or spreadsheets.


  • Easy to learn and use
  • Control deadlines and priorities
  • Quick identification of issues that need immediate attention
  • Map strategic goals into employee To-Do lists
  • Solid accountability is enforced on each employee
  • Manage more people with fewer resources
  • Easily switch tasks between employees to improve utilization
  • Improve teamwork and increase productivity
  • Save managers time by consolidating team tasks, progress and reports automatically in one place and with one tool
  • Ensure employee goals match company and department strategic goals
  • Ensure goals are completed by their target dates
  • Facilitates rapid and accurate communication between all employees
  • Look at all open or completed issues by deadline date, department, customer, employee or other user defined category


  • Easy to learn and use
  • Prioritized To-Do List
  • Eliminates over allocation
  • Limits managers from assigning more tasks than can be completed in a given time period
  • Communicates complete task description to eliminate confusion
  • Facilitate rapid communication between all employees


  • Enter and track RMAs by Web for Warranty, Non-Warranty, Refund, Exchange, Over Shipment, Refused and Unresolved claims
  • Enter product improvement suggestions


  • Allows multimedia files such as text files or screenshots to be attached to tasks for more detailed identification and faster resolution
  • Define priorities and statuses for each tasks
  • Email notification when tasks are added or updated
  • Record the estimated number of hours, percentage of completion and actual hours
  • Track tasks on multiple projects
  • Assign tasks to specific employees
  • Control workflow
  • Every task is tracked until it is resolved
  • Root Cause assignment
  • User definable classification and reporting