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Electronic Data Interchange or EDI is the computer to computer exchange of business information using a internationally-recognized electronic document standards. Walmart, large retailers and the automotive industry are all large EDI users. EDI messages adhere to a set of rules and regulations governing the flow of electronic data, known as EDI protocols. The use of standardized data formats allows computers to exchange various business documents without companies needing to customize their hardware or software system. Seradex offers an exceptional software solution for companies either entering the world of EDI or seeking a more simplified way of conducting their in-house EDI transactions.

The Seradex EDI / ERP Module automates two critical supply chain functions. It translates an electronic transaction from a customer or vendor directly into the Seradex ERP System. It also creates an electronic transaction to send to a customer or a vendor. The EDI Module automates the rapid, electronic transmittal of documents between trading partners to save time and eliminate errors. Seradex also supports XML transaction sets for EDI in you are using ACCPAC, BusinessVision, Great Plains or Quickbooks.

EDI - Your Business Challenges

  • Rapidly exchange large batches of business transactions automatically and electronically in the traditional standardized formats between trading partners
  • Support just-in-time (JIT) ordering challenges in manufacturing operations.

Seradex EDI Module

  • Rapid transmission of documents for a swift flow of information where necessary
  • Hastens the sales order, shipping and invoice cycles to provide faster turnaround
  • Promotes better customer service through increased responsiveness
  • Eliminates errors often caused by manual entry