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The Bill of Material ERP Module is designed to ensure your organization has complete control over product structure. This module ensures that engineering, production, purchasing and order processing are using the same information.

The Bill of Material is the fundamental building block for scheduling, costing and inventory control. If you are have instituted lean manufacturing programs you need to make sure your software can support you. Seradex Bill of Material module was developed from the ground up to incorporate the principles and methodologies of lean. Seradex offers utilities to flatten multi-level bills-of-material. The bills of material architecture supports just in time purchasing, kanban controlled items and vendor managed inventory.

Seradex offers many features for company’s that deal in projects involving complex sales, engineering, purchasing and production requirements. For project-oriented Engineer to Order (ETO) companies effectively managing the list of all components needed to make a final product is crucial. Often, many multi-disciplinary teams (mechanical, electrical) are involved. The BOM is different for each individual customer. The Bill of Material Module allows you to accommodate an ever-changing bill of material, enforce standards, collaborate with other departments, customers and suppliers as well as integrate with existing CAD systems. This results in improved margins, increased efficiencies and competitiveness, while meeting stringent customer demands.

Your Design Challenges

  • Maintain complete product structure information including materials, labor and sub contracting
  • Copy bills of material to estimating and work orders and then edit if necessary
  • Allow drill downs through each level
  • Roll of costs by cost type i.e. material, labor etc.
  • Allow unlimited items on each level

Seradex Bill of Material Features

  • Effectivity Dates controlled by ECN
  • Unlimited revisions and alternate routings
  • Process parametric components using the Product Configurator Module for sizes, colors and options
  • Copy Bill of Materials
  • Qty per - no limit on decimal places
  • 16 or more levels
  • Roll up standard and most recent costs
  • Update standard costs with most recent costs
  • Allows mass change or delete
  • Planned Scrap by component
  • Maintain yields for each component
  • Checks for recursive items
  • Records Engineering changes
  • Can be integrated to AutoCAD
  • Can drive parametric bills of material
  • Routings can include set up, run, work center, tools, operator classifications and be linked to work instructions
  • Analyze the effect of labor and overhead rate changes

Management Reports * Costed Bill - Costed at Most recent and at Standard * Indented Bill of Material (Parts only) * Indented Product Structure (Parts and Routings) Assembly pick list * Summarized Bill (All parts are listed with a total for each part summarized - each part is shown only once) * Routing Report (Routings Only)