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Sentinel Development Solutions

A developer of business management software.

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Founded in 1997 by George Watson and Tim Cain, Sentinel Development Solutions (eCollections Software) is a leading developer and integrator of enterprise debt collection managment software. Sentinel’s flagship solution, eCollections, was the first product on the market that was built from the ground up as an Internet-enabled application and required no additional technologies to marshal application traffic securely using standard Internet protocols.

Sentinel is a leading provider of ARM/debt collection management software. Sentinel’s flagship software, eCollections is a 360° collection solution optimizing the recovery of delinquent and charged off accounts. Deployed on-site or fully hosted (SaaS) industry experts call eCollections “Powerfully Simple” referring to its advanced functionality coupled with unparalelled ease of use. Integrated features like automated graphical account workflow, business rules engine, skip tracing, and predictive dialing, make eCollections a surefire way to automate collection processes and implement best practices that maximize productivity and recoveries.

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  • eCollections

    A collection software system designed by Sentinel Development Solutions.

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