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Compass is designed to allow you to take advantage of opportunities associated with the new, electronic economy. Transforming your established “bricks and mortar” business into a ‘click and mortar’ operation is essential in order to grow and prosper in the coming years. With your Compass web site, you will be able to improve your customer service, increase sales and reduce demands on your staff. You can choose how much information you wish to display to your customers because there are no limits

While your competitor may be offering on-line catalogues and an ability to place an order, you can surprise your customers with real time ordering direct to a warehouse pick request. Of course we’ll perform the same credit checks you would with a regular order and direct flagged orders to the credit department for immediate attention. Your customers can see their account balances, revue old orders and set up their own catalogue of frequently bought products, They can even build an order over time and submit it as they please, or maintain multiple orders in progress if that suits their requirements better. You can choose to show them actual inventory on hand, a graphic representation or nothing at all. It’s up to you.

Once an order is placed we’ll e-mail them confirmation and allow them to check order status at your facility. We’ll even link them directly to the waybill tracking facilities of third party delivery services. Now that’s customer services that saves you both time and money. Oh, did we mention that your web site is automatically updated as soon as any information changes are made? Add a product, change a price or change credit information it takes effect immediately in the office and on your web site.

  • Present current information on accounts
  • Allow customers to check order status
  • Present customer specific pricing
  • Dynamically present web specials by category
  • Display date of availability for out of stock items
  • Track shipping through links to courier waybill
  • Increase sales by automatically presenting complimentary products
  • Allow your customers to develop their own product catalogues

Sentai’s Internet solution differs from many in that we are the sole developers of all aspects of the application. We have not incorporated 3rd party products that will limit the potential of your site. As your needs change you will be able to add features to your site for your customers and your staff. These issues may change over time and you will be able to evolve your site as needs and budgets change.

Compass allows you to reflect your normal day-to-day operations directly onto your web presence based on the processes you choose to make available. With Compass, there is a single point of maintenance. Your regular day-to-day business procedures automatically maintain the web site and your customer service staff will be seeing the same data as your web clients with no chance of inconsistency or delay.

Customer credit controls continue to be completely managed by your accounting department whether the customer comes to you by phone, in person or via the web. Price maintenance, whether on the web, in the branches or at head office will continue to be a result of the normal day-to-day price update routines.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Compass e-commerce:

"Compass e-commerce" is part of the Trax Distribution line of products, developed by Sentai Software.