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Sentai Software

A developer of business management software designed for the distribution industry.

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Sentai provides flexible, integrated financial and operational business modules for warehouse/distribution, financial, order entry, etc.

Interaction between the modules is immediate and inquiries provide a fully linked history of the documents you are looking for.

Designed for enterprise-wide use, Sentai solutions can easily accommodate some of the more complex multinational corporate structures, providing full multi-company, multi-currency, multi-warehouse, multi-period processing and multi-lingual capability.

Sentai Solutions allow for manageable customization to meet specific business through the use of pre-defined customization layers in the object inheritance hierarchy.

Available in 3 languages and installed in on over 14,000 desktops in 4 continents Sentai Software is ready to meet the needs of customers. Sentai’s experienced staff can help with all your queries regarding our solutions, technology and services

Sentai’s Companion Program insures new customers are properly implemented and trained quickly with the direct support of a dedicated, knowledgeable team of experts at the customer site.

Product Lines

  • Trax Distribution

    A full ERP system designed by Sentai Software for distribution/wholesale trade and retail trade companies.

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