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ThingSensr delivers web based applications around your connected products with a lightweight yet powerful cloud solution builder. This rapid build out approach speeds up service revenue for your connected products by 15x or better. Typically ThingSensr users have online web and mobile application services running with their product in a week versus months.

ThingSensr for Internet-enabled objects includes all the components required to configure an innovative solution. It provides services to collects & store huge data, analytics to process incoming and historical data streams and beautiful visualization tools. Internet communicate with ThingSensr via HTTP, UDP, TCP, MQTT, CoAP and other protocols.

In addition to instantly showing up on the full range of web browsers including IE8, all pre- and post-processed data in your app is syndicated to a mobile API so your server-side tablet and smartphone development is taken care of.


ThingSensr speeds up service testing and launch using the only “no-coding” SaaS IoT framework powered by SeeControl Nexus, the underlying technology platform.. IoT developers simply point their data stream at ThingSensr servers using the pre-built communication libraries. That is the only development required—the rest of the application is taken care of by ThingSensr with its unique drag-and-drop interface. You can develop complex data processing logic using a built in visual logic builder that includes a vast library of computational functions—similar to building out a flow chart with analytics and rules added to each node. Whether simple arithmetic or algorithmic data science, ThingSensr delivers endless possibilities via its customization tools.

Beyond the data, the visualization suite gives you a rich set of library functions to display information in various formats—rich searchable table data, graphical charts and location-based services including spatial analysis and multiple map options including Google, HERE and OSM. Data collected on the platform is secure and firewalled from other users while being easily distributed via APIs or CSV/PDF file export.


  • Communication Libraries—ThingSensr supports popular development boards and HTTP, UDP, TCP, MQTT, CoAP and other protocols
  • Optional Cellular Data Connections—A built in cellular data store allows you to optionally connect your device through any global network and pull back data about your rate plan, usage and more
  • Pre-built Visualizations—Standards visuals includes comparative trend lines, time series charts, maps, rich search tables and more
  • No Coding Drag and Drop Analytics—Build extremely sophisticated logic and analysis without having to code!
  • Alerts & Notifications—Turnkey alerting templates allow you to notify users of critical sensor data conditional or threshold events
  • Social Media—Pre-integrated with Twitter and other social media channels to publish machine data to social networks
  • Support For Popular Boards—They system supports Arduino, Electric Imp, Raspberry Pi and other popular hardware platforms
  • Easy to Use—Your data is presented in a modern and clean interface that looks great in all browsers and smart devices
  • Mobile API—All your data is syndicated through an iOS and Android API so you can build the mobile app of your dreams

In addition to stock features the underlying platform powering the ThingSensr service offers advanced capabilities and private branding that can be made available to PRO users for sophisticated IoT applications.

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"ThingSensr" is part of the Packaged Products line of products, developed by SeeControl.

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