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ColdTracr is a turnkey solution that delivers temperature and location data from environments where perishable and temperature-sensitive inventories are stored or in transit. Commonly monitored environments include labs, pharmacies, cafeterias, restaurants, food distribution, farms and diagnostic centers.

A powerful and highly accurate temperature sensor is linked to a transport container or environment you are monitoring. The devices include an embedded long-life battery for quick deployment and a secure cloud solution accessible via any web browser or mobile device.


ColdTracr includes everything that users need to seamlessly monitor temperature and global location of things including cellular network connections from multiple networks around the globe. ColdTracr’s possbilities are endless due to customization tools provided by SeeControl Nexus, the underlying technology platform.

Based on SeeControl’s latest cloud technology, the built-in dashboard and real-time sensor analytics engine presents location information in an easy to use application. Features include sophisticated temperature analytics and alerting, condition based notification workflow, location data and more. In addition to these tools, Thingtracker also includes a number of charts, predefined notifications, report generation and distribution capabilities and tools to export all of the data.


  • Battery Powered—Battery powered units provide easy deployment and multiple usage models
  • Cellular Data Plan—Comes with a data plan from with options for several network providers
  • Cloud App—Cloud app supports from one to thousands of units
  • Location Views & Site Analytics—View alerts and trend data on maps an drill down into deeper operating data
  • Trend Lines—A comparative analysis tool shows temperature variation across locations and items
  • Weather Data—Integrates NOAA outside temperature weather data
  • 90 Day History—Provides 90 days of history plus custom CSV and PDF exporting
  • Future Proof—As new devices come to market, the underlying platform supports all major device vendors
  • Easy To Use—The user experience is modern, clean and easy to use


The Moog ILC 2000 includes a GSM/GPRS radio, specialized sensors and signal processing, a GPS receiver and advanced onboard software. The quad band GSM/GPRS radio provides simple and reliable connectivity around the globe without requiring specialized readers or ground infrastructure. The ILC2000 device’s on-board sensors provide temperature monitoring calibrated to NIST standards to protect sensitive materials, food and perishables. Other on-board sensors can be used to monitor shipments for excessive shock, tilting and package tampering. An expansion port can accommodate other specialized sensors such as those used for cryogenic shipments.

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"ColdTracr" is part of the Packaged Products line of products, developed by SeeControl.

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