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SeeControl arms Solution Integrators and Product Managers with one of a kind, private-labeled M2M services & telematics solutions. The SeeControl Nexus cloud service organizes and makes sense of data from the Internet of Things with no coding skills required to prototype, launch and evolve unique M2M cloud apps. Scores of customers including ABB, HP and the US Government entrust SeeControl with revenue-generating services for hundreds of thousands of products and assets. Our customer partners count on us to envision, develop and capture m2m and telematics revenue opportunities faster than any other approach and supplier in the world.

Founded in 2005, the company has offi ces in California, New Jersey and Eastern Europe and is a pioneer in the M2M industry with a portfolio of over 40 US and International patents. Our global team and customer deployments in over ten countries drives an around-the-clock, mission-critical approach to each of relationships. Our executive team’s M2M expertise is deep with most having been involved in machine-to-machine companies and products since the late 1990s.

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