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ScriptServer International

A developer of business management software.

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ScriptServer Intl. is a Microsoft Gold Partner ISV and has succesfully created Internet applications since the foundation in 1997.

Their most notable application is TradePoint, an e-commerce platforms for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which enables the ERP system to function as a web shop, internal staff portal and B2B website.

TradePoint is sold and installed through a global network of partners and has over 600 installations.

ScriptServer’s products are easy to use fronted software that easily integrate with your business system. Experience the advantages of the unique shared ScriptServer platform divided into applications that fit your business needs; TradePoint e-commerce, BusinessPoint Intranet, WebPoint content Management System and InfoPoint File Management System.

The unique thing about ScriptServer’s applications is the shared intelligent platform. It gives you and your business the flexibility to grow with ease - no matter what ScriptServer product you choose now or in the future.

Product Lines

  • TradePoint

    A software system designed by ScriptServer International.

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