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SAS IT Intelligence is a comprehensive solution for IT that helps you optimize IT resources, services and financial impact, all in support of strategic business goals.

To accomplish these challenging goals, you can use SAS IT Intelligence to measure and optimize your entire IT operation. SAS IT Intelligence has been built with many IT best practices in mind, namely the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and other process and governance frameworks. Frameworks that can help enhance your efforts to align IT to business goals. Specifically, SAS IT Intelligence provides capabilities for:

  • Resource Optimization – Using SAS IT Intelligence for Resource Optimization lets you maintain a holistic view of all IT assets and accurately forecast resource requirements. In short, Resource Optimization helps you acquire and deploy the right resources at the right time. You can also reduce your overall facilities through a process of “right-sizing” your IT infrastructure. Resource Optimization is primarily enabled by SAS IT Resource Management.
  • Service Optimization – Establish a service catalog with a clear and concise view of performance to help measure the quality of service to each line of business. SAS lets you ensure that service targets are achieved, monitored and documented, and it provides a mechanism for negotiating levels of service such that both parties have a clearer view of responsibilities and specific service targets. Most importantly, Service Optimization lets you understand the relationships between IT resources and business applications, so you can be confident in the proper alignment between IT and business. Service Optimization is primarily enabled by SAS IT Service Level Management.
  • Financial Optimization – This capability lets you cut costs without harming operational performance. You can also use IT data to identify opportunities for cost reduction and process improvement. Even determine accurate chargeback prices for services delivered to internal customers. To provide these capabilities, SAS lets you measure the cost to deliver any process that uses IT resources. With knowledge of costs, you can optimize expenditures and evaluate what-if scenarios. SAS IT Intelligence for Financial Optimization is a customized solution enabled primarily by SAS Activity-Based Management.

Organizations that achieve resource, service and financial optimization are on their way to realizing sound IT governance. To make the journey even more profitable, SAS helps you maintain an IT scorecard that tracks all your essential metrics. This scorecard lets you fine tune the operational and financial performance of your IT infrastructure.

Performance metrics provide insight into resources, services and financial data to enable fact-based decisions that will reduce total cost of ownership and ensure quality of service. Business metrics can be tracked as well, which help show the success of IT. Such metrics can include profit per transaction and cost per user. The IT scorecard is primarily enabled by SAS Strategic Performance Management.

The above capabilities are only part of SAS’ value for IT departments. SAS IT Intelligence is built on the SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform, a powerful, unique platform that includes enterprise-level business intelligence, unmatched data integration, powerful storage for intelligence data, and the industry’s most sophisticated analytics. This platform uses the optimized infrastructure of your organization to deliver crucial information to every corner of your organization, from finance to marketing and HR.