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A developer of business management software.

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Saros Incorporated provides business solutions through optimization of our client’s business processes. We utilize software tools that are readily adaptable to each client’s unique needs and our many years of business and technical experience.

Saros Software:

  • Process Director – A unique workflow based software that can be configured to automate virtually any type of business process. In manufacturing configuration it provides an intuitive approach to production and material control that results in shorter implementation and an easier system to maintain. The main user interface is a familiar “tree” type interface that allows quick access to scheduled tasks, management information, and needed data input screens.
  • Information Director – A unique reporting, document control, and data control tool that provides a central easy to use location to access all company reports. It includes a powerful macro language that allows it to easily interface with Excel and Word, control documents, and to do data updates or transfers between different types of databases. As a document control tool, Information Director provides easy access, document history, approval control, and assurance that the latest revision of document is being used. It is included with Process Director system and can be purchased separately.
  • Web Applications – Saros is available to create custom website applications to expand capability of our client’s website to include interfaces with the client’s enterprise database. Existing applications that can be quickly tailored to specific customer are Web Reporting, Web Order Entry, and Web Time Reporting. Saros Services: - Our computer systems, operations, and quality experts are available for a wide variety of services to support our clients needs.

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