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SAP Business One

A full ERP system designed by SAP.
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SAP Business One provides a single, affordable solution for managing your entire business, including financials, sales, customer relationships and operations. Streamline your end-to-end operations, gain instant access to complete information and accelerate profitable growth. As a single, comprehensive solution SAP Business One provides you with software functions to help you run all areas of your business.

With each SAP Business One installation you receive the entire package of applications. That means you no longer need to pick and chose which applications you can afford.

SAP Business One is also designed to be easy to use by small businesses with quick installation and is easy to maintain.

SAP Business One’s design approach provides many benefits for your business including:

  • More time to focus on growing your business instead of trying to figure out how to use the software
  • Increased business profits since this integrated system eliminates redundant data entry, errors, and delays
  • Improved sales and relationships with your customers due to better management of customer communication
  • Reduced expense by minimizing employee training
  • Industry specific applications provide the ultimate in customization as SAP Business One provides hundreds of easily integrated applications specific for your industry
  • SAP Business One is also available in more than 20 languages further simplifying its use in your business

SAP Business One provides you with a critical edge needed to compete in today’s business world.

  • With SAP Business One duplicate data entry is a thing of the past.
  • With SAP Business One you’ll find greatly improved access to the right information at the right time so you and your employees can make the best business decision.
  • With SAP Business One revenue, expense and cash flow are easy to manage providing you the flexibility to respond quickly any changes in your business.

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Reviews of SAP Business One


Easy to implement, end user computing design concept. Flexibility and reliability.

The good: System architecture.

The bad: OEM solution for MRP. MRP should can run by SO not only by items.

from Bellingham Underwriters says…

The thing that ultimately sold me on the product and has turned out to be very true as I have gotten into it is how customizable it is. I needed it for a very specific application which was premium accounting which is its own kind of world and I have been able to manhandle it into a nice little premium accounting system which you cant do with all software. It was highly customizable especially with an add in that is integrated in the system called B1 and also the fact that it is set up to work with crystal reports which I’m very facile with.

The Good: The ability to highly customizable and that it works with crystal reports. For an organization or size who only has two people utilizing the software, it was amazingly cost competitive. I don’t know what it would be for a large accounting shop but for a two person accounting shop it turned out to be very rich software for the money.

The Bad: They have strange names for things so it can be hard to search for things or find what I am looking for.

from Mitchell Proffitt Company says…

SAP Business One is an affordable, easy-to-implement business management solution designed specifically to meet the needs of emerging and dynamically growing small companies. A solution that gives managers on-demand access to critical real-time information through one single system containing financial, customer relationship management, manufacturing, and management control capabilities. The solution that enables rapid employee productivity, while empowering managers to make better business decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

The good: SAP Business One does absolutely everything it advertises. It’s easy to use and the basic and custom reports can give you any data in any combination you could possibly want it. If you can specify what you want, SAP Business One can generate the report.

The bad: The couple of issues I had with the product have all since been resolved with new releases. SAP is continually investing in the Business One solution for small to mid-size businesses and as soon as you think of something that you may want it to do that it’s not doing…. it becomes available in a new release. This is not a stagnant software that’s been added onto from something antiquated that no longer applies to the way business is done. This is new, fresh, dynamic and constantly improving.

from Fieldpiece Instruments, Inc. says…

Well designed ERP program that didn’t include things I thought it should, like a good report writer and the ability to talk to UPS.

The good: Clean. That was our number one criteria.

The bad: Didn’t connect to UPS and a very poor report writer.

from Musical Resources says…

(NOTE: This review is not certified as having purchased SAP Business One).

The product easily handles inventory control (for over 80,000 separate products) order entry, accounts receivable, and customer contact records.

The good: The software adapted to our business rather than expecting us to change our methods to fit the software. You are able to search and sort our product information in unlimited ways.

The bad: We can’t link our database, etc to our website yet through this program.


Very flexible and extensible. Complex and rich but not to the point of being daunting to implement.

The good: The ability to quickly develop and present data queries for users.

The bad: I would have preferred it be web based.