Is SAP Business All-in-One right for your business?

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SAP Business All-in-One provides your business with the ability to reliably track quantity, value, and movement of inventory so you can optimize operations and insure accurate accounting data. SAP Business All-in-One software tools provides your purchasing, manufacturing and sales employees with full visibility into inventory status. With SAP Business All-in-One you’ll be able to deliver high quality customer service levels to your customers while reducing inventory levels and associate costs.

Inventory and warehouse management

  • Record and track the quantity and value of all materials, perform physical inventory, and optimize all warehouse resources.
  • Plan, enter, and document warehouse-internal stock movements by managing goods receipts, goods issues, storage, picking and packing, physical stock transfers, and transfer postings.
  • Manage workload planning, wave picking and order consolidation, radio frequency and barcode scanning, handling-unit management, cross-docking, and real-time monitoring of all activities.

Inbound and outbound logistics

  • Facilitate the movement of incoming and outgoing physical goods, including logistics involving multiple manufacturers and customers.
  • Support inbound processing with capabilities to monitor the receipt of goods, track external demand, handle advanced shipping notifications, and manage in-yard activities.
  • Operate outbound processes, including posting goods issues, monitoring delivery and distribution activities, and documenting proof of delivery.

Transportation management

  • Create optimized transportation plans, execute plans, and monitor shipments to deliver products on time and on budget.
  • Apply flexible options for consolidating deliveries and orders into shipments, including rule-based automation, manual consolidation, and collaborative order combination through the Internet.
  • Manage the multiple processes and reports required for foreign trade.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Inventory and Logistics Management:

"Inventory and Logistics Management" is part of the SAP Business All-in-One line of products, developed by SAP.