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MenuPoint was built from the ground up to offer food and beverage service providers a flexible, reliable, and usable solution without being tied to a proprietary hardware or operating system platform. MenuPoint features dozens of ‘must have’s’ demanded by today’s savvy restaurateur.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to use touch screen interface.
  • Jumbo buttons make it easy to use.
  • Menus (i.e. breakfast, lunch, etc.) activated by time of day.
  • Standard Windows 32-bit platform.
  • Multiple sales locations (bar, restaurant etc.) within a single site with unique identities.
  • Multiple stations within each location.
  • Customizable buttons can represent a system function, a menu item, a modifier, a list, a tender, or a discount.
  • Customizable lists can be as long and as deep as they have to be. A basic list might be salad dressing choices, or meat preparation preference.
  • Floating tabs for situations like drinks in the lounge and the meal in the restaurant.
  • Button assignments can be made to items, menu categories, modifiers, discounts, tenders, special functions, and more.
  • Customizable server X readings.
  • Modifiers on menu items allow the server to easily customize a meal.
  • Unlimited menu items.
  • Unlimited modifiers to handle virtually any situation or level of complexity.
  • Receipt routing to up to 9 different printers by location, depending on the item type.
  • Customizable auto log out.
  • Fast Key modes speed up entry.
  • Supports multiple currencies.
  • Overhead costs can be added to items to handle additional costs.
  • Onetime promotions for special occasions.
  • Guest check review before generating the check.
  • Tender movement allows the correction of a cash receipt applied to the wrong tender type.
  • Transaction reversal (security willing).
  • Transactions by business day as opposed to calendar day.
  • Supports cash paid outs.
  • User definable receipts and forms.
  • Unlimited tender types.
  • Security by user.
  • Items can be prioritized as to where they print on the receipt.
  • Item price groups make it easy to price similar items.
  • Specials can span certain times of day on certain days.
  • Repeat function makes it easy to duplicate items on a tab.
  • Automatic creation of items that simply piggy back other items.
  • Optional inventory module.
  • Prepaid items can be added to the tab without affecting the servers cash.
  • Discounts can be predetermined with optional operator override.
  • Surcharges can be set up to handle automatic gratuities, table minimum charges, room charges, etc.
  • User definable receipt printers.
  • Predefined screen layouts for quick and easy start up!
  • Scale support for inventory control.
  • Negative value modifiers can be applied to reduce the selling price and positive value modifiers to increase the price.
  • Items can be moved between tabs.
  • Multiple lists can be added to an item. For example, the 8oz blackened sirloin steak dinner entree will bring up lists for how the patron wants the steak cooked, the salad type they would prefer, and the side dishes they would prefer.
  • Advanced pricing allows you the manager to set prices ahead of time that will take affect on a certain date.
  • Easily review bills at the touch of a button.


  • Price Change Log
  • G/L Distributions
  • Price List
  • Recipe List
  • Transactions Report
  • Sales by Category
  • Comparative Sales
  • Discount Analysis
  • Server Sales by Item
  • Server Sales
  • Hourly report


Samco’s MenuPoint module can be run as a stand-alone application or integrated with Inventory Plus for total inventory management, Purchasing Plus for managing purchasing requirements, Chit Manager for club membership management, General Ledger for financial reporting, Accounts Receivable for on account customer management, and Sales Analysis for reporting. Rounding out a complete solution, you may also consider adding Accounts Payable, Bank Reconciliation, ODBC Toolkit, Time and Attendance, and Canadian Payroll.

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"MenuPoint" is part of the Samco Power Accounting line of products, developed by Samco Software.

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