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The speed and accuracy with which you handle customer orders (service your customers) is key to the success of your business. Billing provides you with the tools needed to speed up sales and order lines.

These include inventory verification when entering orders, immediate information on customers, automatic discount levels calculated or contract price selection, plus rapid and accurate billing.

One of the keys to Samco’s Billing module is its flexibility. Used in a variety of business types, O/E+ can be molded to suit your specific needs.


  • Enter or edit orders and credits directly.
  • Enter and print quotes for future use.
  • Add new customers or items ‘on-the-fly’ during invoicing or order entry.
  • Attach notes to orders.
  • Use multiple currencies.
  • Consolidate multiple orders into a single customer order.
  • Create personalized invoices with predefined forms.
  • Reduce data entry by linking to Samco Power Accounting modules.
  • Print picking tickets, shipping labels, waybills with the order or when invoicing.
  • Calculate commissions for each item.
  • Display alternate items and availability across multiple warehouses.
  • View invoice history on demand.
  • Replenish back-orders as inventory becomes available.
  • Enter and print multiple lines of text for orders and line items.
  • Use separate bill-to and ship-to addresses.
  • Void and track invoices when making changes.
  • Calculate total weights or volume of an order.
  • Print various reports, open orders, back orders, histories, void invoices, etc.

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