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Samco Software

A developer of management software designed for small-businesses.

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Is your business growing and requiring more full and ‘complex’ business application software solutions for standard accounting or Non-profit Fund accounting?

Are you having difficulties finding software that “fits your needs”?

Are you discovering that you need extensive ‘customization’ to handle your business application requirements only to find that most vendors cannot or will not provide it?

The right “business technology solution” provides you with major benefits in improved efficiency and increased profitability for your business.

Your “SAMCO” solution will be tailored to fit the uniqueness of your business processes to positively affect your efficiency, accuracy and time.

Samco is a company committed to providing stable software technology that will last the lifetime of your business. Having assisted business owners and managers since 1980 in meeting the multiple business practices required for a smooth integrated operation.

Developing a long term relationship with “you” is our ultimate goal. We call it “‘Forward Thinking’”, never satisfied, constantly striving to reach new heights, relentlessly pursuing better ways of managing information and adapting to the dynamic world of business. This can only be accomplished by listening to what you, our clients say, observing how you do business, and being open to meeting new challenges.

Blending the unique needs of clients into Power Accounting provides solutions to a broad cross section of industries. This also lends to an extensive knowledge base which can be drawn upon when assisting “you” with “your” business and technology requirements.

Aside from having an outstanding product, a group of highly trained professionals to implement and manage each solution has been put together. In order to keep these people on top of current and leading edge technologies, they are provided with on-going training opportunities.

Every effort is made to keep in-house systems and labs up to date with the latest systems, including a highly sophisticated internal and external network that links a variety of operating systems, topologies, and hardware platforms.

Power Accounting is a modular accounting system designed for Windows, most networks, Thin Client, Unix and Linux, as well as Mac OS X environments. A variety of vertical modules are also available to handle retail point of sale, food and beverage/restaurants, wholesale/distribution, and service management. “Unique by design and extraordinary in performance and capability!”

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