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SalesWarp’s Inventory Management System provides retailers with automated inventory management for real-time inventory visibility across all fulfillment locations and sales channels from one centralized system. This includes all warehouses, drop-shippers, suppliers, eCommerce channels and retail stores so you can deliver the omnichannel experience customers expect. Synchronized with SalesWarp’s Product Listing Manager and Order Management tools, SalesWarp improves inventory tracking and increases the efficiency of updating stock across every sales channel.

With SalesWarp’s Inventory Management software, a retailer is able to control the amount of stock kept on hand, the amount of stock for sale on each channel, and how often purchase orders are generated to keep stock levels optimal. Retailers selling the same product across multiple channels never have to worry about overselling, cancellations, or out-of-stocks with SalesWarp’s user-defined inventory thresholds, automated purchasing, and real-time inventory synchronization across every channel.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Inventory Management :

"Inventory Management " is part of the SalesWarp line of products, developed by SalesWarp.