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A developer of business management software.

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Sageworks was founded to provide a simple way to convert hard-to-understand financial data into an easy-to-understand plain language.

Sageworks develops intelligent e-Business Applications that translate raw data into consultative information. Our mission is to simplify the aggregation, analysis, and interpretation of complex data through the application of Sageworks’ proprietary technologies.

We achieve this by producing clear and concise reports - we tell people in words the story behind financial numbers.

Sageworks, Inc. is a software company focused on developing intelligent e-Business Applications for business customers. The Company believes that its patented FIND™ technology represents the foundation for the next generation of customer-focused Web applications.

FIND™ applications analyze and translate complex data into easy-to-understand narrative text that speaks directly to and specifically about an organization’s or individual’s unique situation.

These applications allow Sageworks’ clients to better interact with and manage their business and customers, while providing unprecedented insight into their customers’ current situations and needs. It also provides automation of the pre-audit process using the Analytical Procedures tool.

Sageworks’ Intelligent e-Business Applications can be used for many business applications, including customer relationship management (CRM), sales, client/employee education, credit and equity analysis, industry benchmarking, and other distinct purposes. In addition to its primary function as a customer interface, FINDT technology possesses robust data-mining capabilities.

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