This company is no longer in business. If you’d like to see if support is still available, or find alternative software give us a call at (800) 827-1151 (press option 1). Or, complete our simple software search form to begin your free Software Search.

SageFire, Inc. is a Boulder, Colorado-based software company partnering with some of the best accountants and industry leaders across the nation. We take a very different approach to solving the financial management needs of the network marketing professional and very small business owner. We offer visually smart and functionally simple record tracking software for the small business. It’s simple software with dramatic impact - that’s because it can save a small business hundreds if not thousands of dollars every year.

Our flagship product, Shoebox Records is an online record tracking solution. It’s simple, single entry record tracking - think of it as your digital shoebox.

Shoebox Records has been coined the ultimate machine for small businesses. That’s because Shoebox Records keeps track of your business so you can focus on your bottom line.

Think Inside the Box.