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Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate

A full ERP system designed by Sage. Formerly Sage Timberline Office.
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Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate (formerly Sage Timberline Office) has proven accounting and estimating applications, covering the entire project lifecycle. Integrated Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate product suites include accounting, estimating, procurement, production management, project management, property management, and service management applications as well as reporting and other tools. These products help construction and real estate professionals manage projects, run real-time reports, track costs, produce estimates, forecast cash flow, evaluate properties, and more.

Backing its software products with award-winning support, Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate serves the needs of commercial and industrial contractors, corporate owners, real estate developers, real estate managers, residential builders, specialty and service contractors, and government.

Among the more than 65 separate software applications available from Sage Timberline, there is a unique combination that will create an optimum solution tailored to the needs of your organization.

Popular Functionality Modules

Accounting Within its suite of accounting products, Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate offers the following applications. Accounts Payable - Accounts Payable puts you in charge of…

Production Management Within its suite of production management products, Sage Timberline offers the following applications. Homebuilder Management - Homebuilder Management System, developed and…

Project Management Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate offers the following project management application. Project Management With all the facts in one central database, and inquiries and…

Procurement Within its suite of procurement products, Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate offers the following applications. Buyout - Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate’s…

Reporting and Other Tools Within its suite of reporting and other tools, Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate offers the following applications. Address Book - Address Book provides a central…

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Reviews of Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate


The product has many features, so is better suited to the larger contractors, but it would work fine for smaller ones also. It does take some thought in the set up process and someone with construction background. An AP clerk is not going to see the big picture. It is a good idea to attend the classes offered during the set up process to help answer questions and facilitate setting up the modules. The maintenance contract comes with annual updates to the software and the help over the phone is terrific. The project manager find having access to costing information without needing the accounting staff a big plus and it encourages them to look at cost information more frequently.

The good: The report writer is great. Once you have written a few reports, it is so simple to write a new report when you need it. The reports that come with the software are a good start, but I have modified many to my own taste.

The bad: Accounts payable has a few weaknesses dealing with partial payments of retainage and tracking purchases for 1099 purposes. The latter is being worked on for a future software update.

An Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate user says…

This program is very complex and not user friendly. Made for large companies that have money to spend on classes

The good: It seemed like an easy transitional program, again too difficult without a lot of help from a professional

The bad: Too complex

from Charles R. Hooff, Inc. says…

It is difficult to use, it requires extensive training, and the reporting is not very user friendly

The good: Not much

The bad: We will abandon it some time within the next two years


Sage 300 captures a lot of data that can be used to evaluate the business. There are many tools that can help streamline a process such as groups of vendors that always get paid the same way. Or set expense allocations for select bills. I love that you can customize the screens and fields by user so that a novice does not get bogged down with unused cells. I’m not impressed with the canned reports. You can export them into Excel but not in a raw data format so they are difficult to use.

The good: Customization of screens

The bad: The reports. I was expecting a more robust report system that easily allows anyone to add columns to a report. You can filter on anything which is nice but you can’t add any row (easily). There is a different report writing tool that can be used but it is not easy to use and its not something that you would give to your AP clerk to customize an AP Aging by adding the days outstanding.