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Sage Grant Management

A software system designed by Sage for non‑profit organizations.
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This product has been acquired by Abila and rebranded to Grant Management (formerly Sage Grant Management).

July 15, 2013 – Sage Nonprofit Solutions is now Abila, a company dedicated to serving dynamic nonprofit organizations and government agencies through high-value solutions that simplify and streamline processes. (Source: Abila.com)

Don’t miss another grant opportunity! Ditch the spreadsheets and move into a streamlined, collaborative, and secure solution—while providing transparency and seamless reporting—with Sage Grant Management.

Sage Grant Management helps nonprofit and government organizations maximize funding potential and provide transparency at the organization, program, and grant levels. This web-based grant receiving solution uniquely combines development, contact, and financial data to improve grant pipeline oversight while optimizing success tracking. Reporting and trend analysis become efficient and effective, resulting in organizations and agencies that are better equipped to serve their missions, constituents, and communities.

Endorsed by Grant Management Professionals Association

The Grant Professionals Association (GPA), the premier membership organization of grant professionals, has endorsed Sage Grant Management. Read the press release to learn more.

Maximize Funding With Sage Grant Management

Sage Grant Management will help you to:

  • Strengthen your organization’s financial health by increasing grant funding and proactively managing the grants in process.
  • Easily keep track of all projects, programs, grants, and contacts through an integrated relationship-based system, eliminating the errors and inefficiencies of disparate manual systems and spreadsheets.
  • Collaborate with other associates to build better grant applications, keep track of deadlines, create budgets, and better manage the grant pipeline.
  • Track success measures in a sustainable and credible way so that funders see your true impact, which will also help to maximize your organization’s funding potential.

Managing the Grant Pipeline

To ensure your grant pipeline is flowing at maximum capacity with the highest level of efficiency, Sage Grant Management offers a complete grant lifecycle solution with integrated financial analysis and contact management as well as collaboration, document management, business intelligence, budgeting, success tracking, and more.

Doing More With Less

You can utilize a full array of tools to build efficiencies, increase visibility, strengthen collaboration, and leverage human capital - all of which will help you fund and manage your programs and organization more efficiently and successfully.

Managing Contacts and Communication

Take advantage of the integrated contact management system to capture event details, track next steps, and provide users with an easy-to-understand flow of communication and relational picture of your organization’s network.

Tracking Data and Providing Accurate Reports

Integrated or standalone financial management captures all your critical data for improved reporting and balance tracking. Grant and program-specific reporting on budgets, success, and performance are all included. Application phase tracking, grant distributions and allocations, reimbursement entry, and historical tracking of all renewals and extensions comes standard.

Leveraging Contacts and Communication

Take advantage of the integrated contact management system to capture event details, track next steps, and provide users with an easy-to-understand flow of communication and relational picture of your organization’s network.

Measuring Success

Built-in outcome performance, satisfaction, and success measures will keep your development staff and program managers focused on their top priorities. With integrated scoreboards, you have instant performance visibility at any time - enabling corrective actions before the end of a grant or program period.

Delivering Management Efficiency

Customizable collaboration tools deliver management efficiency, visibility, and shared access for key areas of responsibility. This solution includes task-driven components with alerting functionality to enhance the multi-tasking environment in which nonprofits and government agencies must function. Document tracking and version control is available for each task or application component, allowing for streamlined input and better communication over cross functional teams.

Creating Effective Grant Applications

Applications will have a greater impact on funders with better defined success measurement plans, comprehensive item- and financial-based budgets, and a clear depiction of your organization’s or agency’s capabilities. Complete date tracking, reminders, shared documentation, and a common contact list will allow for faster compilation of application components and therefore a higher funding ratio.

Integrating With Accounting

Internal standalone accounting setup or seamless integration to Sage Fund Accounting allows for in-depth financial tracking and up-to-the-minute balance viewing. In addition to the highest level of internal controls and security, you will benefit from a flexible chart of accounts which enables allocation and distribution use throughout the system.

Batch Editing and Processing

Use the Harmonizer to quickly and efficiently manage contacts, system records, security, assignment of items, and integrations.

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