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Sage Software announced the retirement of Sage Pro ERP and Sage PFW effective March 31, 2014.

Source: Sage Software

Sage Pro ERP Purchase Orders is a complete purchase order processing system with real-time tracking, automatic updating of vendors and inventory account balances, and extensive reporting capabilities.

Advanced laser form technology produces high-quality laser printed purchase orders for your vendors. Included is the capability to fax or send purchase orders via e-mail.


  • Creates purchase orders and handles receiving
  • Supports blanket orders with individual purchase orders released against the master order
  • Designate items to require inspection prior to receipt with report tracking for items pending or failing receipt
  • Generates recurring purchase orders, drop-ship orders and special bids/quotes
  • Works with Accounts Payable to track liabilities and invoice receipts
  • Choose to ship a purchase order to a different address, including a customer, if you have Accounts Receivable or Order Entry
  • Tracks groups of items by the lot numbers entered when receiving items
  • Supports inventory tracking of individual items according to serial number
  • Unit of measure conversion allows purchase of items in different units of measure than you stock or sell
  • Record virtually unlimited notes and memos with any line item
  • Provides schedules for material receipts
  • Receive partial drop shipment purchase orders
  • Provides reports for inventory reordering and backorders, and purchase order status by item, vendor and buyer
  • Displays or prints 24-month vendor purchase histories and vendor balances complete with graphs in Microsoft Excel
  • Real-time Business Status Report provides immediate status for open purchase orders and period-to-date orders and receipts
  • Transactions update vendor and inventory balances in real-time
  • Warns you when a vendor’s balance exceeds available credit
  • Supports recurring purchase orders
  • Receive purchase orders by item
  • Use standard comment text or create purchase order comments that are printed on the purchase order
  • Locates vendor records by pick lists or full or partial phone numbers
  • Allows multiple suppliers for each inventory item
  • Allows multiple Remit-to Addresses for vendors
  • Allows cancellation of open quantities after a receipt is entered
  • New vendors and inventory items can be added during purchase order entry

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"Purchase Order" is part of the Sage Pro ERP (formerly known as ACCPAC Pro Series and SBT Pro Series) line of products, developed by Sage.