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Sage Software announced the retirement of Sage Pro ERP and Sage PFW effective March 31, 2014.

Source: Sage Software

Accounts Receivable is a complete billing and accounts receivable system, with extensive sales analysis reports.

It instantly displays and prints 24-month customer sales and 36-month item sales histories and graphs, and updates customer and inventory records in real time, providing you with the most current information at all times.

Advanced laser form technology produces high quality laser printed invoices and customer statements.


  • Supports virtually unlimited ship-to addresses per customer with smart defaults and convenient pop-up pick lists
  • Tracks complete invoice history for accurate audit trail
  • Sales tax can be tracked and reported for multiple tax jurisdictions
  • Create marketing and dunning letters for customers via a DDE link
  • User-defined transaction category codes allow you to post transactions to sets of accounts based on both the customer and the item sold, so you can easily report cost and revenue distribution
  • Customer statements can be either open item or balance forward—set at customer level
  • Displays and prints 24-month customer sales complete with graphs in Microsoft Excel
  • Prints invoices by customer terms, enabling you to mail the most urgent ones quickly
  • Automatic commission (or reversal of commission) generated when saving invoices or credit memos
  • New customer or inventory items may be added during invoicing “on the fly”
  • Accepts and tracks non-accounts receivable receipts (e.g., interest paid by bank, tax refund, etc.)
  • Real-time Business Status Report provides immediate status for Current Balance, Inventory Value, Period-to-Date Gross Margin, Billings, Receipts, Discounts and Cost of Goods Sold
  • Value-Added Tax (VAT) companies requiring inventory item-level taxation may define for as many as 26 different pre-designated tax rates
  • Prints, faxes or sends invoices via e-mail in batches or individually
  • Provides individual printing of invoices for point-of-sale transactions
  • Provides options for recurring billings for services, rental charges, etc.
  • Warns you when a customer’s balance exceeds available credit
  • Generates mail merge letters to customers
  • Computes and posts finance charges for specified customers
  • Provides for user-defined aging of receivables including the ability to recreate agings from prior dates
  • Locates customer records by full or partial phone numbers or pick lists
  • Allows viewing of customer or inventory records during transaction entry
  • Tax only credit memos
  • Create deposits for customers
  • Apply invoices to credit memos automatically or manual

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"Accounts Receivable" is part of the Sage Pro ERP (formerly known as ACCPAC Pro Series and SBT Pro Series) line of products, developed by Sage.