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Sage Software announced the retirement of Sage Pro ERP and Sage PFW effective March 31, 2014.

Source: Sage Software

Accounts Payable creates checks and tracks credits, discounts, partial payments and recurring obligations, and warns you to prevent losses, allowing you to effectively manage your business expenses.

It includes numerous vendor and payable inquiries and an extensive library of expense analysis reports.


  • Selects and calculates early payment discounts
  • Displays total accounts payable and approved-to-pay amounts
  • Allows partial payments on open invoices
  • Permits user-defined periods for aging payables
  • Alerts you if vendor credit limits are exceeded
  • Allows application of open debit memos to selected invoices
  • Records and tracks credit card purchases to both the credit card company and the vendor
  • Check voiding capability streamlines processing for lost checks
  • Allows easy prioritization of invoice payments with as many as 14 priority levels
  • Vendors may be placed on payment hold, purchase hold or both
  • Allows virtually an unlimited number of checking accounts
  • Create invoices manually or match them with received purchase orders
  • Create pre-payments without creating an invoice
  • Allows non-check payments of invoices, such as wire transfers
  • Real-time Business Status Report provides immediate status for Current
  • Balance, Cash Balance, Net Cash Forecast, Approved to Pay, Period-to-Date Payable, and Payments and Discounts/Adjustments
  • Drilldown capability from the Business Status Report on cash balance and current balance
  • Vendor URL and e-mail address support
  • Multiple Remit-to Addresses
  • Value-Added Tax (VAT) Support
  • Locates vendor records by pick lists or full or partial vendor numbers, names and telephone numbers
  • Easy and efficient bank reconciliation options include sorting and filtering date and check ranges
  • Flexible approve to pay feature allows easy selection of desired invoices based on user-defined criteria (vendor, discount date, invoice date, etc.)
  • Separate 1099 Closing: Continue to enter AP payments after year-end close
  • Print 1099s to laser printers (option to include 1099s above a minimum dollar amount)
  • Produce 1099s for a previous year at any time (capability to file 1099s electronically)
  • Close unbilled Purchase orders
  • As-of Aging Reports provide the ability to specify a prior date and produce the report as of that date

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"Accounts Payable" is part of the Sage Pro ERP (formerly known as ACCPAC Pro Series and SBT Pro Series) line of products, developed by Sage.