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This product has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase. Sage recommends you consider Sage 300 (formerly Sage ERP Accpac) in substitution.

Sage PFW ERP software… will be retired effective March 31, 2014. Until that date, Sage will continue to provide maintenance updates, technical support, and other Sage Business Care services for your Sage PFW software as long as you remain on a current Sage Business Care plan

Source: Sage North America

The Materials/Inventory module tracks all inventory activity throughout BatchMasterPFW and provies up to the minute information on materials, containers, and finished goods. It saves money by reducing the costs of overstocking and waste, and prevents expensive production delays caused by inventory shortages. It maintains inventory quantities and costs for all items and gives you a high level of costing flexibility. Unique inventory management features have been built into this misule to enhance every facet of you your process manufacturing operation.

Inventory Tracking - It tracks inventory on hand, on order, committed to sales, comitted to production, minimum, maximum, and reorder points. It tracks class, lead time, vendors, base price, and last, average, and standard costs. It will also track by item status.

Multiple Locations - By handling multiple locations for each item BatchMasterPFW supports moves between multiple warehouses.

Lot Tracking - All Inventory items can be lot tracked. Materials purchased with a lot number can be tracked from purchase through production and into finished goods. Automatic numbering can be used or you can enter you own numbers.

Costing - Costing will gain temendous control from the versatility of this module. It handles average, standard, LIFO & FIFO costing, as well as batch costing and formula costing. BatchMasterPFW also accommofates fixed and variable cost for both labor and overhead. You can enter you starting costs at teh time you enter and set you items, these include base price, standard cost, market cost, carrying cost, and reorder cost.

Reports - There are several reports in the module, these reports prvide easy access to useful information from many perspectives and at various levels of details, determined by your needs. Sorting your information on the reports is very easy and there are several ways to sort a report. The report can be customized with the use of Cyrstal Reports.