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This product has been acquired by Abila and rebranded to Abila MIP Fund Accounting (formerly Sage 100 MIP Fund Accounting).

July 15, 2013 – Sage Nonprofit Solutions is now Abila, a company dedicated to serving dynamic nonprofit organizations and government agencies through high-value solutions that simplify and streamline processes. (Source:

Nonprofits don’t have to buy stand alone grant management software; they can get it directly in their accounting systems. For many nonprofits, acquiring, managing and reporting on grants is a central concern and an everyday task that absorbs many staff hours.

Use this grant management software to consolidate all grant-related information and documentation and to simplify grant administration and grant management software processes directly in the Sage 100 Fund Accounting system.

Maintain comprehensive profiles of all grants. Track grantor details including contact information, reporting periods, indirect cost rates, notes, custom fields, and more. With your grant management software, you can scan and file all grant-related documents and organize them into pre-award, post-award, and close-out records to quickly access any document.

Manage grants more effectively. The budget position of an organization can be easily monitored to ensure that grant funds are fully used and spending is kept in-check with grant management software. Users can forecast expenditures for remaining periods within a grant. You can quickly view all activity including outstanding invoices, payments, and credits for each grant and drill-down to the details associated with every transaction

Demonstrate Mission Performance. Users can easily measure program effectiveness for grantors, volunteers or other constituents. This is done by the grant management software by creating budgeting and reporting performance data within the accounting system.

Grant Management Software Fully Integrated with Other Modules

This grant management software module is fully integrated with other Sage 100 Fund Accounting modules to maximize functionality.

  • One can avoid overspending on grants by checking for available funds with the Budget module while entering a transaction. Also, warnings can be activated to have the grant management software prevent entry when an invoice would create an over-budget situation.
  • Ensure compliance with OMB Cost Principles with the Allocations Management module by using the powerful calculation options available in the Allocations Management module to distribute costs to federal grants with accuracy and consistency. And an organization can perform as many allocations as needed or as often as required to comply.