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DacEasy Payroll is an inexpensive easy-to-use payroll system that rivals many higher priced payroll systems. DacEasy Payroll takes the time consuming task of processing a payroll and turns it into a simple automated process. This includes applying employee earnings and deductions, calculating the correct taxes (federal, state and local) and printing checks (or transferring the amount via direct deposit). Plus, you can easily report your payroll information to the government as required. You can use DacEasy Payroll as a stand alone module or interface with DacEasy Accounting to automatically update your financial statements with your payroll.


  • Ease-of-use
  • Effortless government reporting
  • Adaptable to your business
  • Powerful reporting

Payroll checks or direct deposit, your choice

Sage DacEasy Payroll allows you to pay employees using payroll checks and through direct deposit. When running your payroll, you can select the specific employees to be paid with payroll checks and those who prefer direct deposit. Sage DacEasy Payroll will print payroll checks for applicable employees and generate direct deposit advices for those who are paid electronically.

Easily track and remit payroll liabilities

Sage DacEasy Payroll includes a tax deposit routine that makes it easy to print the checks needed to remit your federal, state, and local payroll tax liabilities. Simply run through your payroll process, and when it comes time to pay your payroll liabilities, let Sage DacEasy Payroll generate checks for the appropriate amount.

Keep your tax tables up to date with online updates

It’s easy to keep your tax tables up to date, thanks to tools within Sage DacEasy Payroll that check for online tax updates. With the purchase of a Sage Payroll Tax Update Plan, a simple click checks the Sage DacEasy website for the latest payroll tax tables and federal form updates. Eliminate the headache of reviewing and applying state and federal tax legislation changes, and sign up for the Sage DacEasy Payroll Update Service to keep your payroll process in compliance.

Time-saving payroll entry

Enter time cards for individual employees, or reduce the time and error associated with making payroll entries using blanket time-card entries. Blanket time-card entries allow you to assign the same time card values to multiple employees in one procedure.

Advanced security features

With the powerful Sage DacEasy security system, you can restrict users’ access to certain areas of the program using password protection. An audit trail defends against potential fraud by maintaining a register of user activity in the system. This important feature keeps a record of the date and time of all changes to the Payroll Employee file and the Tax Tables.

Print payroll reports and forms

Sage DacEasy Payroll makes it easy to generate your payroll-related forms. Easily print federal form 940, 941, Schedule B to meet your quarterly filing requirements. You can also print form W-2, W-3, 1099, and 1096 to report annual wages paid.

The module also includes a number of standard reports, such as the Employee Vacation and Sick Time Report, Transaction History, Code History, Payroll Register, and the Department report. Plus, you have instant access to your monthly, quarterly, next quarter, and yearly earnings, deductions, and liabilities. You can even print checks from templates for a more professional look.

Stand alone or together

Use Sage DacEasy Payroll as the solution for your payroll needs, or combine it with Sage DacEasy Accounting for an even more powerful business solution. When used in conjunction with Sage DacEasy Accounting, you can easily save time and eliminate duplicate entries as you can post your payroll data directly to the General Ledger in Sage DacEasy Accounting.

Additional Features

  • Supports hourly, salary, and contract labor payroll structures
  • Tracks up to 12 user-defined liabilities per employee
  • Tracks and accrues vacation, sick, bonus, or commission pay
  • Allows limits on user-defined deductions at the company, department, or employee level
  • Meets federal government magnetic media requirements of W-2 data for companies with over 250 employees
  • Includes state information on the W-2 magnetic media file
  • Calculates and tracks SDI employee wages and SDI employer liability
  • Performs after-the-fact, irregular, and nonstandard payrolls
  • Customize W-2s and 1099s, as well as business reports
  • Creates direct deposit files in an NPC (National Payment Corporation) or ACH (Automated Clearing House) format
  • Includes special features for the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the cities of New York and Yonkers

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Payroll:

  • Accounting
  • Business Center
  • Order Entry
  • Point of Sale

"Payroll" is part of the DacEasy line of products, developed by Sage.